Welcome to Diyala a Swedish food &
beverage wholesale company


Dates are the nutritious fruits of palm trees. Tasteful, sweet, and delicious here in Diyala they are our favorite desert.

  • High quality
  • High in nutricios value
  • Chosse from diferent brands
  • Superfood

Diary products

We are proud to display our different cheese with greate tastes from different cultures.

  • High-quality cheese and dairy products
  • Our own Diyala brand
  • Cheese from different cultures


Some say rice is some of the reasons humany could expand so much in the east. We are happy to offer you the very best Basmati rice.

  • High quality Basmati rice
  • Own brand
  • Economical prices


More than 30 differents brands and 50 plus flavor combinations.

  • Recogniced brands
  • Swedish pant
  • Selelection of many flavors
  • Natural ingredients


Halawa is a sweet tahini Middle Eastern dessert that can be served for everyday celebrations as well as the best moments in life.

  • Delicious dessert
  • Can be even enjoyed straight away
  • High quality


Olives fit good as snacks, in the food, or as a side dish. They are rich in nutrients and are a base in the Mediterranean diet.

  • Delicious as snacks & food
  • Good source of several vitamins and minerals

Try our own hummus, bon apetite!

Our copywriters are typing as fast as they can to give you delicious ways to eat hummus!

See our different hummus.